National Leadership

The AFMIM-UK Church is led by the NATIONAL APOSTOLIC COMMITTEE, itself answerable to the NATIONAL WORKERS COUNCIL and under the visionary oversight of our dear President Reverend Bernard Mberi, Deputy President Rev Charles Chipere, General Secretary Rev Josh Chigorimbo, National Administrator Deacon Jerry Gweme and Board Members Overseer Rev Eliah Mbizi, Rev Mystery Muzangaza, Rev Vincent Ndlovu and Rev Cornelius Kachere (National Youth Director). 

Dr Judith Kundodyiwa (Chairperson) heads our NATIONAL BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Deacon Munyaradzi Nyachuru serves as the Secretary while Messrs Evans Mutamba and Hillary Chindodo and NAC Office Bearers complete the NBOT.

Regional Leadership

Overseers lead the mission in our four Regions thus:

Northern Region

  • Overseer: Rev Charles Chipere
  • Vice Overseer: Rev J Dhewa
  • Secretary: 
  • Administrator:
  • Youth Director: Rev C Kachere

Midlands Region

  • Overseer: Rev B. Mberi
  • Vice Overseer: Rev M. Mzangaza
  • Secretary: Elder C. Mudhefi
  • Administrator: Deacon P Choma
  • Youth Director: Deacon H. Tsikiwa

Central Region

  • Overseer: Rev Eliah Mbizi
  • Vice Overseer:
  • Secretary: Elder J Shumbambiri
  • Administrator: Elder C Mahanci
  • Youth Director: Deacon M Mare

Southern Region

  • Overseer: Rev Josh Chigorimbo
  • Vice Overseer: Rev L. Chandomba
  • Secretary: Rev V Ndlovu
  • Administrator: Deacon M Hunduza
  • Youth Director: Pastor D Zhuwau